Resolution of Comorbidities

In Severe Obesity, the stored fat independently secretes a variety of hormones and other chemicals (called cytokines) which induce a chronic inflammatory disease state within the body. This metabolic abnormality is associated with the development of Pre-diabetes (also known as insulin resistance or glucose intolerance), Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol, high triglycerides, low HDL), Metabolic Syndrome, atherosclerosis (hardening or narrowing of the arteries), heart disease, infertility, and other medical disorders.

Fortunately, these changes may not be permanent. Therefore, weight loss can result in a reduction or cessation in the secretion of these detrimental hormones and chemicals by the stored fat, resulting in improvement or complete resolution of the medical problems (comorbidities) associated with Severe Obesity.

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In addition to these chemical and hormonal effects, the weight of the stored fat has direct and indirect pressure effects that cause sleep apnea, back and weight-bearing joint pain, GERD, urinary incontinence, umbilical hernia, peripheral vein disease, ankle swelling, headaches, and dermatitis. These disorders are also reversible with weight loss.

Finally, the increased cancer risk and decreased average life expectancy associated with Severe Obesity are also abrogated with weight loss.

The following chart shows the resolution rates of these various comorbidities after bariatric surgery.

Type 2 Diabetes 83% resolved
High Blood Pressure 52 - 92% resolved
High Cholesterol 63% resolved
Metabolic Syndrome 80% resolved
Heart Disease 82% risk reduction
Asthma 82% improved or resolved
Sleep Apnea 74 - 98% resolved
Depression 55% resolved
Migraines 57% resolved
GERD 72 - 98% resolved
Bladder incontinence 44 - 88% resolved
Osteoartritis 41 - 76% resolved
Gout 77% resolved
Quality of Life 95% improved
Premature Death 89% reduction in 5 year death rate (related to obesity)



“As far back as I can remember, keeping my weight under control was a difficult task,
especially as I neared age 40.

On April 17, 2012, I had my gastric bypass. I have lost 101 pounds. I feel great and my
cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure are back to normal. I love how I look and I have
regained my self-confidence.

Dr. Sprunger has been amazing. His attention to detail and excellent bedside manner
far surpass any medical professional I’ve encountered in today’s medical practices.
He has been there every step of the way for me.

To make the decision and be able to have bariatric surgery is one thing, and to find
a great surgeon that you trust is another. I am so grateful to have had both.”

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