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What many people don’t realize is that Severe Obesity is a medical DISEASE. It’s a disease that you may have been struggling with for many years or perhaps your entire life.

Severe Obesity is primarily a complex disease of your body’s metabolism. Unfortunately, certain individuals are predisposed to develop Severe Obesity because of the specific make-up and interactions of their genes, their hormones, the chemical interactions in the brain, and the anatomy and function of the stomach and intestine. In other words, the origination of Severe Obesity in particular individuals like you is influenced by multiple factors, most of which are outside of your behavioral control.

Unfortunately, people who suffer from this disease often have a number of other serious medical disorders as well, an increased risk of certain cancers, a decreased average life-expectancy and a generally poorer “quality of life” compared to those who do not have this disease.

What makes things worse is that Severe Obesity is perhaps the most misunderstood condition in our society today. For example, the notion that Severe Obesity simply results from self-indulgence or a lack of willpower or discipline is shallow and untrue. However, as a result of this kind of wrong thinking, many of you have experienced disrespect, judgment, mistreatment and even discrimination from others largely because of the widespread misconceptions about the nature, complexity, challenges and severity of the disease of obesity. In addition, you may also have a sense of futility or even hopelessness resulting from the failure of previous ineffective non-surgical treatments. As is the case with most other diseases, the improvement of Severe Obesity is also usually beyond your control alone, requiring instead, the most effective treatment available, which is bariatric surgery.

Obesity is a burden and a dilemma that can make you feel trapped, but you do have the power to BEAT IT! There is no shame in having the disease of Severe Obesity, but it would be a “shame” for you to suffer any longer from this terrible disease and all its consequences when safe, effective treatment is available right now.

At Phoenix Bariatric Center, what sets us apart is our understanding of these realities, our genuine concern for your health and improving the quality of your life, our desire to help you achieve your dream and our absolute confidence that we can.

We have a vision for your future. So when you are ready to take back your life… START HERE!

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There are many misconceptions about obesity. Most people think of being overweight as simply a continuum of being mildly overweight to moderately overweight to severely overweight and view them collectively as a situation caused primarily by a lack of self-control with regard to eating. However, this simple idea is not the case. In fact, there is a crucial distinction that is vitally important for you to understand.

Being overweight (BMI between 25 and 29.9) or moderately obese (BMI 30 to 34.9) are circumstances that may respond to dieting, medications or other non-surgical weight management programs. However, Severe Obesity (BMI greater than 35) is acknowledged by bariatric experts as a MEDICAL DISEASE, which just like other diseases, requires the most effective treatment available in order to achieve improvement or resolution. For the great majority of those suffering from Severe Obesity, dieting, diet pills and other non-surgical weight management programs are simply not effective treatments for their disease. In other words, they do not result in achieving and maintaining a healthy BMI near 25. For those with Severe Obesity, Bariatric Surgery is the most effective treatment for their disease.


General misconceptions about the nature of obesity can cause those suffering from Severe Obesity to regard their failure to lose weight with non-surgical methods to be the result of a lack of personal commitment, willpower or discipline. These reactions, coupled with inappropriate observations or criticism from others similarly misinformed, often then produce feelings of failure, embarrassment, and even hopelessness. As this cycle continues over the course of years, individuals with Severe Obesity commonly think to themselves, “what’s the use” and stop even trying to watch their weight, which often then results in further weight gain.


Bariatric surgery represents an entirely different, new, fresh approach. In addition to restricting caloric intake, Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy change the dynamics of hunger and satiety, something that dieting does not do. Therefore, regardless of previous failures of non-surgical treatments…

Try one more time, but this time, try what actually works!



As far back as I can remember, keeping my weight under control was a difficult task,
especially as I neared age 40.

On April 17, 2012, I had my gastric bypass. I have lost 101 pounds. I feel great and my
cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure are back to normal. I love how I look and I have
regained my self-confidence.

Dr. Sprunger has been amazing. His attention to detail and excellent bedside manner
far surpass any medical professional I’ve encountered in today’s medical practices.
He has been there every step of the way for me.

To make the decision and be able to have bariatric surgery is one thing, and to find
a great surgeon that you trust is another. I am so grateful to have had both.

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