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In everything we do,

To demonstrate to you our unique understanding of the complex, and often misunderstood qualities and challenges of the disease of Severe Obesity and our thoughtful devotion to your health and happiness.  

To dedicate ourselves to excellence in every aspect of your individual care, ensuring that you enjoy a quality experience and an exceptional outcome.

To remain the finest bariatric surgery program anywhere.

Phoenix Bariatric Center is…


Perhaps this one word best sums up our approach to your care and success. From the moment you contact us until your annual visits to our office even years after your surgery, this is a journey we make together. Severe Obesity is a lifelong problem that requires a lifelong solution. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to your success that we have with you an ongoing relationship of care, education and support. We truly enjoy and value this relationship that allows us to witness and participate in the transformation of your health and life.


We are a team with many people and one goal – to see you WIN, to see you enjoy victory over obesity. Our team, your team, extends from myself and our office staff to every department and individual in the hospital that contributes to the excellence of our program and the quality of your care. Every hospital department’s personnel, including the Operating Room, Pre- and Post-op care, Nursing, X-Ray, Lab, Dietary, Pharmacy, the Emergency Department, and others have received specific training in the care of our bariatric patients.


For anyone considering bariatric surgery, it is essential that you find a comprehensive bariatric surgery program like ours. Only at a comprehensive program will you receive the full spectrum of education, guidance, surgical options, and expertise necessary to ensure your success. It is simply not the case that one bariatric surgical procedure is right for everyone. We will help you choose the best option for you and be there to help you on every step of your NEW lifelong journey.


Our compassion is of limited value unless it accompanies a superior product. I take tremendous pride in the quality of my work and the integrity of our bariatric program. It is my responsibility and my privilege to see to it that every patient that enters our doors will receive the highest quality bariatric surgical care available. I will not settle for less.


We are constantly evaluating and refining the high quality of our services and your experience. That is why we have developed highly organized and disciplined processes for your pre-operative health risk evaluation, your surgical care and post-operative recovery, and your long-term success. We take pride in the quality of all our interactions with you. We continuously measure data to evaluate the quality of our work and implement changes when necessary. Finally, we appreciate your input about the quality of your experience and how we can make it better.

We Can’t Wait to See Your Success!

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“Food had become something I used to ‘complete’ myself. Prior to my surgery, I weighed 304 pounds, but I was determined to use this opportunity to find me again, a new me… the real me.

Dr. Sprunger did my gastric bypass on April 10, 2012. Since my surgery,
my life has changed tremendously. In 10 months, I lost 132 pounds!

Now, for the first time, I feel like I am living life, not just trying to survive it.

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